Oct 24, 2008

Yesterday's stressful day for me

I wasn't able to blog yesterday because I was not feeling well, EMOTIONALLY. It was really one of my most stressful days.

It all started with my hubby. I asked him to do something but he hesitated because he was still watching 7th Heaven and he wanted to finish it first. That really pissed me off and of course, I ended doing the thing that I asked him to do. Then it was followed by my son. I was in the room still trying to cool off myself when suddenly I felt my son is doing something fishy in our living room which was right because I caught him playing with sister-in-law's tongue rings. I ended up picking up the rings on the floor and thought that it broken because the pieces fell apart. My son already broke a lot of her things: 2 CD players (could be 3), expensive make-up, etc. And I felt that I was to blame because I should be watching him and for some reason, I can't seem to do it.

I wanted to get out from the house so that I can cool myself off but my husband won't let me. So he ended up bringing me to where he is supposed to be at that day, an important meeting. Then while he was at the meeting and my son is conked out in the back seat, I was able to meditate which really helped a lot. After my husband's meeting, I felt normal again and I asked him if we can have some pizza. He brought us to Cici's Pizza and ate anything we can which was the best thing to let my stress out. Then we went to Round Rock Park to have walk and let Abi play in the playground.

Then we headed back home because we needed to go to Church. We went to Church and when we are on our way back home from the Church, I talked to my husband about the reason why I was pissed off at him in the first place, but I became upset with all the things that we talked about. So, you think I'm done? Nope! I didn't plan of talking to my husband the rest of the night but he was consistent about explaining himself and letting me understand etc etc. I watched American Psycho movie and after that, I was finally done with the stress in me. We talked and I'm glad it was finally over.

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