Oct 21, 2008

My Friendster Friends Testimonial

I am a Friendster member since December of 2003. I was in college that time. Addicted to chatting online and eye-ball stuff. But those were the college days and I have learned a lot from it.

Today, I scanned on the 262 testimonials/comments that I had so far on Friendster. Then I had so much fun reading the very first testimonials that my friends had given me. Just like the one below that my bestfriend gave me:

ehem...c jona??welz, i hav a bunch of stuff 2 say bout ds gal coz we'v been d best of frens 4 11 yrs now!but of cors, i cant squeeze in evrythin hir..d highlyts will do!!2 begin w/, jona eats a lot!!as in!!bt srprisngly,she never gets fat!!(dami kc yan alaga sa tyan eh!)she badly wnts 2 gain a little weight nga bt she always seems 2 fail!i dnt knw y she wnts 2 gain mor..her body's alredy great!(ganahan!!)den,she's also talkativ!u'l nver hav dull momnts w/ her xcept wen she's nt in d mood!she's very smiling nd frendly dn!as in..hi hir..hello der!cool tlga!she's easy 2 get along w/!she 2 is a certfied kitiktxt nd telebabd-ever grl! bsta,jona's great!!bt warnng:dnt dare mess up w/ her coz she's kind if ur kind bt mean if ur mean(spcialy if she's ryt!)!and..she always hav som1

So, have any more idea about me now?

Anyway, I'd prefer the way testimonials on friendster before than now. Because before all those graphic comments appeared, all the testimonials are somewhat true because it is written and really comes from a real person's thought. Unlike the pre-made graphics that are put now as comment on Friendster.

Well, I just happened to think about old memories. The memories that I cherished a lot with all my friends back in the Philippines. I know I won't see them soon but I am looking forward of seeing them when I get back there.
ryt behind her..dats me!!so
pips..careful!!hehe... =)

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  1. Hello! I am a member of friendster 2004. It is really touching to see testi and comments from dear friends huh? Inspiring.