Oct 18, 2008

Got rid of the signature

Have you notice any changes in my blog site? No, it's not the template. I don't think I would be changing the template again coz I'm very much contented with it right now.

As what the title of this post say, I got rid of my signature for each post. I decided to do so because it is taking a lot of space and I can only put up to 5 posts per page so that it would be balance with the sidebar. Now that I got rid of it, I have 10 posts shown up.

By the way, does anyone know what happened to the Quotes of the Day Blogger widget? Because I used to have it on my sidebar but then suddenly, it seemed to ran out of Quotes so it was just blank. It tried to reinstall it but still blank. So, I just decided to remove it. Now, there's a little changes on my sidebar too coz I need to rearrange the widgets for them to be balance.

Those are all the changes I have for now. Thanks for reading!

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