Oct 30, 2008

Trip to the Humane Society

We just got home from visiting the lovable dogs and cats from Humane Society in Austin. My husband was off from work since yesterday and we just stayed at home until earlier. Actually, I asked him tomorrow to go out coz I'm so bored. But we just got out today and decided to visit Humane Society, an adoption shelter for dogs and cats that doesn't have home.

We played with lots of cats and dogs there and of course, our son enjoyed it so much, Only that, he seemed to be more interested with the cats' and dogs' toys though. I was so tempted to adopt cats and a dog. There's 3 tiny kittens, all black, in there that are so cute and lovely. Then there's one puppy which is only 2 months old, a german sheperd breed, that is so playful and he broke my heart really bad when we put him back to his cage and cried. I wish I can just take him home. But we're not yet ready to bring home another pet coz we have 3 cats right now in our house. Pearl, my husband's cat, and 2 cats which are his sisters' cats. Another thing we don't have a yard that has a fence to where we can have our own dog run around. So, hopefully, when Abi would be ready to have his own pet, which would be a dog, we have a house that has a big yard and fenced too.

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