Oct 1, 2008

LIFE Video Game

Me and my husband usually just play video game when we have spare time. Of course, we always see to it that we have spare time to spend with each other and the family.

Today, he introduced me to LIFE, a video game where you can earn by having the most money at the end of the game. It is similar to some board games that we roll dice and pass some spots where you can either earn or pay, but with LIFE game, you won't roll dice but spin a wheel to know how many spots you pass. I didn't end up winning a game because I didn't get home insurance and needs to pay each time something happen to the house that I bought.

Well, it was my first to play the game so I guess it should be expected that I won't win it. But what's important is we both had fun and we had time to bond by playing that game.

Beauty of Life

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