Oct 16, 2008

My Three Wishes

We were watching Aladdin yesterday and of course, y'all already know the story of it. A street urchin that fell in love with Princess Jasmin. Then he found a lamp that has a genie trapped in it which gave him 3 wishes. So, I was thinking, what if I was the one found the lamp and was given 3 wishes by the genie, what would those wishes be?

First Wish: I will have endless fortune.
I know it sounds materialistic, but who would never wish for that. Everyone in this world needs money, in fact, that was in the bible. In order for us to live and survive, we need money and for us to have money, we need to work for it. Even rich people works for money. Of course, if I have lots of money or fortune, I can help those unfortunate ones and I may make the world a better place to live. We had to admit that money can make a lot of changes in the world.

Second Wish: Keep me, my loved ones, and those deserving people healthy.
We know that there are people who doesn't deserved blessings such as being healthy because they used it for bad intentions so that's why I mentioned deserving people. Health is another wealth that we needed to live and survive. That's why I would wish for that.

Third Wish: Set Genie Free
Well, that's what Aladdin 3rd wish is. Why not?! That's all genie wanted and he gave me everything I wanted so I think it would be fair enough to give him what he wanted as well.

That is just something came across my mind but we all know that it would never be happen but dreams are unlimited so we should never keep ourself from dreaming what we want to dream as long as we are always aware that we are living in a real and not in our dreams.

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