Oct 13, 2008


I have been a Work-At-Home-MOM (WAHM) eversince we came here in the States. The main reason is I can't get a job yet because of our immigration status here but we are working now on processing that.

Being a WAHM is not my own choice, but somehow it was a blessing. A blessing because I had the chance to be with my son 24/7 which I can't have if I will be working. Well, my work at home are not really considered a job but I am earning through blogging. It shouldn't be a big deal if I don't earn but I am already used to it. I can't stand a day without earning some money. There are some times when I don't feel like making a post on my blog and my hubby would say if I don't like doing it then I don't need to do it. But there is something in me that really wants to do it.

Now, I can't stand a day without checking any opps from my resources. Though it can be sometimes exhausting to make more than 10 posts a day but I am still enjoying it.

The money that I am earning through is for my personal uses but I would be more than glad to use it in helping to pay the bills and everything. My husband doesn't like the idea though because he says that it's MY money but I would still love to use it for significant purposes.

Though being a WAHM isn't a choice, but I love it because I am earning money and be with my son always at the same time. The money may not be as much as when I have a normal job but at least there is something.


Beauty of Life

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