Oct 7, 2008

I Miss Home

I miss my home in the Philippines. Home with my parents, with people that I can easily interact with because they speak the same language as mine, Filipino foods, friends that you can talk with any crazy things, and lots of things.

My Parents. Of course, they are my parents and I was never separated from them for length of time. I miss the way the spoil me. The way they let me do almost all the things I wanted to do. They always wanted to take care of Abi even if I don't ask them to. When I am around them, the world seemed to be so light. If I have problems, they seem to carry them so that I don't have to carry anything. Yeah, they really spoiled me and I know they did it too much. But no one can ever tell them that they were wrong about that because as a parent myself, I know that what they did to me is simply because they wanna give me what they think would show me how much they love me. Even though we have some misunderstanding once in a while, they are still the best and I love them to death.

People there. I miss interacting using my own language to where you can express anything without thinking if you have used the right word or not.

Foods. Those salty and oily foods such as Lechon, Humba, Adobo, Pancit .. Oh God! They are really YUMMY and no other food here that would compare to those foods. Just thinking about how those food tastes makes me cry. Where in the state of Texas can I find those foods especially the way that my father cooked it.

Friends. I miss the silly talks and the way we talk about our darkest secrets. The laughter that we share that it seemed that we are the only people in the world. The way I make them laugh with my silly out-of-this-world jokes. I miss the way the miss me whenever I am not around because it would never be the same without me. Their hugs and sentiments in life. I miss giving my advises that they thought would never came to me but I am always a great adviser to them especially about love life, THE EXPERT, as they say.

Lots of things. My bed that I used since I was 12 years old, because that was my age when I was finally put into bed separate from my parents (hehe!). My selection (or shall I say collection) of shoes and bags. Oh..there are really lots of them that I can go the whole month wearing different bags and shoes. Now I only have a couple of them and trying to collect some more. My make-up that seldom wear but still loves to buy more. My bed sheet that would be washed once a year because I'd rather have my own smell on it than the smell of the soap (Hey! I don't smell bad). My OWN computer to where I can do anything, download anything, and used it for anything I wanted. And just everything I own that was all left in the Philippines.

I miss everything and I miss Philippines. I never thought I would them all. I was here in US for 4 months and that's how much I miss them now. I can't wait to see them again.


Beauty of Life

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