Oct 6, 2008

Finally, our package has arrived

It took a little while for our package to arrive at my parents' in the Philippines. I sent the package last September 4 and it just arrived today at 11pm at my parentss's house. How's that? It took a month while it should've already been there 2 weeks ago. I am still happy and thankful that it arrived better than never. I was just worried because the package contains important things. It has cellphone, money, clothes, and a disc containing all of our wedding pictures.

The package was sent through USPS and passed through PhilPost in the Philippines. I checked on USPS Tracking system and it said that it left NJ, leaving USA last September 8th. Unfortunately, Philpost online tracking system has been down for ages already, so I was not able to track it with them. But again, I am still thankful it arrived.

Now, our only problem is when the package that my mother sent to us last September 11 would arrive. It only contains my son's clothes though but it still costs something. I hope it won't be lost because I have heard a lot of feedback that some packages are lost during the shipping.

I just hope that they would ship the items whether it comes from properly. I have gathered lots of negative feedback about it and I believe it has never gone better.


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