Oct 6, 2008

Movie Review: Crazy/Beautiful

I am not sure how this movie appealed when it was released last 2001 but it was said that it hit Box Office when it was released on summer of 2001. And I believed that the movie deserves it or probably more than that. This is a very nice movie, I shall say, it touched me and made me cry.

Starring Kirsten Dunst and Jay Hernandez, as two high-school students with different economical status and race fell in love. Nicole Oakley (Dunst) is an out-of-control American daughter of a Congressman while Carlos Nunez (Hernandez) is a Mexican working class straight-A student.

They fell in love despite of the big differences that they have but they faced a huge problem with their relationship because their culture, lifestyle, and values clashed.

Carlos strives hard to finish his studies and get a sponsorship so that he can pursue college and become a Naval pilot. Nicole father offered him a recommendation but asked him to leave Nicole alone because he thinks that she has a psychological problem by his separation with her mother. Carlos tried to stay away from Nicole aiming his dreams, but that made Nicole more rebellious and Carlos found out that he loves Nicole more than anything else.

They fought for their love and Nicole gave in to her father's request to go a special school and have her treated, but her father realized that he was wrong about it. Her father realized and let Nicole know how much he love her and she realized the same thing.

Nicole and Carlos continued their relationship and Carlos became a Naval pilot.


Beauty of Life

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