Oct 11, 2008

Limited time

I only had limited time today to use the computer. I have mentioned on my post a few days ago that our laptop is not functioning properly, it would just turn off by itself. I can't afford to buy a new computer yet because we need to use the money for more important things. So, I have just been using my sister-in-law's computer which today hadn't been functioning well too. Well, it could just be with Firefox browser because it won't open up. When I try to bring it up, it would give me an error message saying that a browser is already open but is not responding, I need to close the window or restart the system. I have encountered that same message before on her computer but I just reopen a new browser and it worked, but this time it didn't. She has IE browser but I can't using it because it moves like a turtle. So, now I am using our laptop again and working as fast as I can before it would turn off on me. So far, I already made one post for one opp. Now, I need to make 2 more opps and 2 interims, so it would be 4 post. Unfortunately, there's no opps that requires 50 words only that is available for me at this moment.


Beauty of Life

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