Oct 10, 2008

Movie Review: BIG

Just finish watching another Tom Hanks movie and decided to write a review about it. FYI, I am a big fan of Tom Hanks. I guess, lots of you likes him too, right? But I am sure not all of you have seen the movie BIG.

Big is another beautiful Tom Hanks movie. And once again, he amazed me, as always.

It is a 1988 fantasy-drama movie that is about a boy who wished fortune-telling machine in a Carnival that "He is Big" after he was humiliated from trying to impress a teenage girl. But supposed to be, the machine should not be functioning because it was not plugged in. The next morning, he woke up as a 3-year old man which surprised his mother and won't believe him that he was really her son.

With the help of his bestfriend who believed that he was Josh after singing their song, he went to Manhattan and slept in a cheap hotel. They tried to find a job for Josh and luckily, he was accepted to work with a lowly data-entry job at the MacMillan Toy Company. One day, the owner of MacMillan Toy Company saw him and was amazed by his childlike enthusiasm and they ended up playing together a giant foot-operated electronic keyboard. After that, Josh was immediately promoted to a corporate position.

He attract Susan (Elizabeth Perkins) and soon develop romance and ended up a relationship which caused his relationship with his bestfriend fade away. He then needeed to make a choice, to stay with his life with Susan or return to his old life with his bestfriend and family. He looked for the Zoltar machine and wished the he will be back to being a child and returned to his home.


Beauty of Life

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