Oct 28, 2008

Things I bought from my blogging income

I have been blogging since January this year. I always felt blessed with the things that has been happening in my life that is why I started blogging and titled it Beauty of Life. Blogging has also been a source of my little income and I am so glad that despite of the small income I have through blogging, I was able to buy some things that reminds me of effort I exerted. So, here the things that I purchased from just my blogging income alone:
SIX domain names - www.jonaverslife.com, www.moneyjona.info, www.jonasnewlife.com, www.diosnmom.com, www.ymmom.com, www.andyjona.com

TWO shoes - a winter faux fur boots and a PUMA sneakers

Super Mario Kart (Nintendo Wii)

Cellphone accessories - Micro SD memory card, All-in-one memory card reader, car charger

Swim suit

That's all I got for now and hoping that I can buy more. Plus some of the money was used to help around the house. I enjoy blogging so much coz I really love to write and express my thought and now I can also earn money from it which helps a lot coz I am a stay-at-home Mom.

Toot! Toot!

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