Oct 18, 2008

Price or Interest?

I know that most of the bloggers now are earning money through paid posts. And those who do so, they know that there are limited opps out there. Well, depending on their PRs. Because the higher PR you have, the more opps you get. I know that because I don't have PR before and I was struggling to catch some opps everyday even if I have a few resources for earning through my blog. Even if I have PR now, I still struggle sometimes to catch some opps. Lucky to those who has high PR's because I guess they have unlimited opps.

Now, to those who has an average amount of opps, sometimes, you get the chance to choose which opps you're going to take, especially in PPP because you can only make 3 posts per blog a day. Other paid-to-blog resources will give you unlimited but they don't always give opps everyday. So, when you take opps, do you go for the higher price or those you are interested with?

If I have a choice, I normally go to those that I can relate to because it is hard to write about something that you don't have any idea what it was about. But if you write about something you know, it comes very easy. But sometimes, they don't me a choice, so I will just grab any opps available and struggle to write something about it. Most of the time, I would seek help from Google, just to have an idea what it was about. But if there is something worth a big amount of money and it requires only 50-100 words, I would surely grab it no matter what is it about or it came from planet Pluto. Because I have 2 objectives on my own blogging: To earn money and To invite readers. But my main priority os to earn money. We're not rich and I don't have a job, so I do blogging to support my personal needs and other stuffs if necessary.

So, how about you? What do you go for?

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