Oct 8, 2008

I Miss Pinoy TV Shows

It's so sad that we didn't subscribe to TFC (The Filipino Channel) yet. But I truly understand that we just can't afford to do so for now and it's not our priority yet. My husband is the only one working to provide for the family's needs for now and it would be impractical if we prioritize those things than our primary needs such as foods, clothing, and shelter. I can still live without TFC, but I must admit that I miss those Pinoy shows especially the Teleserye in ABS-CBN.

But, THANKS to the powerful Internet, I found PinoyChannel.TV. They have videos of some Filipino TV shows that are uploaded by generous Filipino people. Through them, I can see Pinoy shows (sometimes) and I don't need to have a specific time to do so because I can watch them anytime. A big THANKS to anyone who created the website. Just CLICK HERE if you miss all the shows from the Philippines too.


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