Oct 2, 2008

PMC on Working Mom Magazine

I am so proud of PMC because it was featured on Working Mom Magazine!

Pinay Mommy Community is an online community of Filipina mommies and wives who blogs. It was initiated and owned by our lovely Mommistrator, Ruby aka Pinay Mommy of Pinay Mommy Online and many other blogs (under Pinay Mommy on the sidebar). I am a proud and trying to be an active member of this community so I felt the success it has right now together with our very own Pinay Mommy and fellow members of the community.

On the October 2008 issue of Working Mom Magazine, PMC is featured (can be found on page 36) which is one of PMC's biggest success. Not all blogs or community had the chance to be featured on a magazine that is why I am so proud and happy that the community I belong to had the great chance of being featured.

By the way, on the picture are Mommy Aeirin, Mommy Cara, and Mommy Nina who were interviewed in behalf of PMC, who ate active members of the community as well.

I am so proud and would like to say a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to PMC and to MOMMY RUBY for the success!


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