Oct 21, 2008

One down more to go

Earlier today, I tried fixing our laptop again still hopeful to have it fixed and use it again because as of now, I am just using my sister-in-law's computer. I can only get the chance to use her computer if she's not around or sometimes she's here but she is not using it. While trying to fix our laptop I encountered a error message about a file extension MOV. So, I searched on the Internet about how to fix that kind of error so that I can eliminate the problems in our computer. I then found a file extension online library (file-extension-library.com).

It has the information of almost every file extension. It helped me a lot because of all the tools I found there to possibly fix the error about the MOV file extension that I encountered. The best thing about that site is that tells and literally explained me what a MOV file extension is. Well, I already an idea about it but I am really sure since I am not that computer savvy. But hey, what can I say, the tools I found there fixed the error I had in our laptop. Though our laptop is not yet working properly because sad to say, it still has lots of problem. I am still thankful that one problem was solved.

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