Oct 25, 2008

Computer Speaker

Last night, my sister-in-law was so pissed off because her speakers stopped working. I felt that she's blaming me or Abi for it because I am the one who is usually on her computer other than her. My husband uses it sometimes but I use it everyday. And Abi loves to play and sometimes when no one's looking at him, he gets his way to the computer and may have done something that caused it. I really don't what happened to her speakers coz the last time I used it was a week ago and it was still working that time.

I talked to my husband about to let him know that I am worried and somehow guilty coz I am using her computer and wished to help her fix it but she was so pissed off last night, I just don't have the nerves to talk to her.

Early this morning, my husband got up and tried to fix the problem. The next thing I knew was he told me that it's fixed. He just press the mute button on the keyboard and it did the trick. Very simple solution isn't it? But I'm so glad that it's fixed now and my sister-in-law is in good mood now. In fact, she ate breakfast with us before my husband left for work.

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