Oct 8, 2008

My Ear Problem

Yes, I have an ear problem. My ears becomes really itchy then it swells. Once one ear starts to swells, the other would then swell right after the other. It hurts so much that I cry at night because even if you just touch it gently it still hurts. Plus it is really itchy inside but you can't scratch it.

I have been going back to the doctor about it, have it treated, and clean my ears. It usually starts with fungal infection that it why it is very itchy. Then because of the itchiness, I would end up cleaning it everyday which is not good. Sometimes, I would clean it hard then it would start to wound and finally, it swells. Then the ear infection becomes Otitis externa.

There are 3 types of Otitis: Interna, Media, and Externa. Interna if the infection is in the inner part of the ear, Media if it is in the middle part and Externa if it is on the outer part. Otitis externa is also known as Swimmer's Ear or simply an earache. Normally, it is caused by bacterial or fungal infection that would cause inflammation of ear canal. The normal treatment is using ear drops that has anti-fungal agents. But these are prescribed medicines because it can be harmful to the ear if you used it without proper diagnosis. You need to consult the doctor if you ever had any ear problem.

But, if you don't want to get any ear problems, you may want to follows these prevention tips:
○ avoid anything into ear canal such as cotton buds or swabs because ear canal has it's self-cleaning and self-drying mechanism.
○ the safer way to clean the ear is to remove the wax once it will get out by itself from your ear.
○ avoid prolonged swimming or swimming in polluted water
○ use earplugs when swimming or shampooing hair

I hope this information has helped someone who has the same problem as mine. I have been suffering with this problem and still battling it.


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