Oct 10, 2008

Women I Admire Most

This is my first to join this Meme started by Mommy Mitch. But here goes..
When SAHM-One Speaks

It's not actually women, but just WOMAN, and she's gonna be MY MOTHER. I don't think I would admire any other woman aside from her and she worth it, actually, more than just an admiration. I wish I can be like her, tough, dedicated, sensitive, giving, loving, protective, and a great mother and a wife. Actually, no words can describe how great she is and there's nothing I can do to be like her because she is unique in way or another.

All the things that she did to me was the best, but if there is a word that is more than BEST, that would be how I describe her when I got pregnant. I hate to remember the most stupid thing I did but I just want to tell the whole world what my mother did to prove that she truly loves me unconditionally.

I got pregnant by a man that I didn't love, you see how stupid it is. But despite of it all, I ran home away from my parents thinking that I can live with that man without any help from my parents. The very next day, SHE found me. We were residing at Davao City that time and I went to Cagayan de Oro City with that guy. I told my Mom the truth and she brought me back home. To my surprise, she lied to my father. She didn't tell my father the truth that I was pregnant because she knows that HE may hate me forever if he found out the truth. She told my father that I got a job in CDO and I need to go back there, which I did. She doesn't like the guy but she understand that we need to be together to start a new life because I am having his kid. She did everything to support me while we are away from each other. But miracle happened, for some reason my relationship with that man didn't work out and we separated. My mother was right.

She, together with my father who doesn't have any idea about the whole truth yet left our beautiful home in Davao and started a NEW LIFE with me in CDO. But the day came where I can't hide my bulging tummy, we then told my father which hurt him big time, but he still forgave me.

Now, I am happily married with a man that God gave me and accepted my son as his own without any doubt. I then found out that during those troubled times, my Mom never fail to mention me in her prayers. She with the help of God had gave me another chance to correct the mistakes I did and here I am now.

If my mother hasn't been as supportive as what she was during those times when I needed her, I wouldn't be where I am now. Now, you understand why she is ALWAYS THE BEST for me.


Beauty of Life


  1. Thanks for participating sis!

  2. hi you know what was the hard part being a mother is to protect you from keeping you down thats what mother is