Oct 21, 2008

Today's (10/21/08) To-dos

Somebody gave me a To-do List magnet that I can put on the fridge's door and easily see it. But I haven't used it yet except once where I used is as To-Buy List until today, I finally decided to be a little organized once in a while so I made my to-do list for today.

--> Blogging (as usual)
--> Do my weekly laundry
--> Hang my clothes so that I can have enough space in my drawer and rearrange the clothes in the drawer
--> Fold washed clothes (If Ms. Lazy will allow me *grin*)

Not much things to do, but hey I have my daily chores such as babysitting my 2-year-old son. Then blogging takes a lot of my time but I can still sit around, watch TV, and I hope I can take a nap too.

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