Oct 3, 2008

Do you eBay?


"Do you eBay?" means do you SHOP at eBay. As we all know, eBay is an online stores that sell all sorts of things in lower prices compared to other stores which means that eBay is a noun, it is a place or a location. But some use it as verb by relating "shopping" word to it.

It's weird how people create their own vocabulary. If you notice there lots of words you can hear but you can never find it in the dictionary, most of them are slangs or foul words. Those are the words that people created and gave their own meaning to it and because of that there are some words that every people has different interpretations.

But my real question is who really created the words that we are using right now? Anyone knows? Or am I just the one who doesn't know here.

Beauty of Life

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