Oct 11, 2008

Entrecard New Rules

Entrecard has made some changes to their rules and added some new good ones. Because they are becoming more popular now, they have revised their rules ensure that quality of their service. The following are some of the changes they made and they are strict about it now:

1. Blog's must be updated within the last three (3) months
2. No full screen ads or popups
3. Blogs cannot consists of more than 50% advertisement posts, paid posts, or affiliate-linking posts
4. Entrecard widget must be present
5. No auto-playing audio -all audio must be initiated (played) by the visitor

This is good because I have seen lots of blogs that doesn't follow these rules and it is unfair to those who is faithfully following the Entrecard rules, like me.

As of the moment, Entrecard is still it's maintenance that is why if you noticed that their site is slow right now. That is due to lots of users that they have now. Whatever they're doing to improve their site, I know the Entrecard is really great.


Beauty of Life

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