Oct 1, 2008

Thursday Take-Out Tradition

No, this is not another meme. This is about our own family tradition that we started a couple of months ago.

Every Thursday evening, our whole family would go to church and we usually be home around 9 o'clock which is too late for me to prepare dinner so we always end up going to a fast food restaurant and order through drive-thru. Then, we just decided that we will just do this as a tradition that even if by rare chance that we won't be able to attend church service, we would still take-out foods from a restaurant and eat it at home.

We normally just order from any fast food restaurant near us and we can get to on our way home from the church: Taco Bell if we decided that we wanted Tacos, Nachos, Talopas, or Buritos; Wendy's if we want burgers; and Popeyes if we wanted fried chicken.

We are starting to have a little tradition for our family and it's fun to start one.

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