Oct 28, 2008

She scared me

This is our cat, Pearl. My husband named her Pearl because she's so white. She's a big cat, weighing about 20lbs (my own guesstimate).

I have been writing a post about the cats here at home. Pearl is actually my husband's and we have 2 other cats which are Yvonne's.

Me and my son are the only ones left at home almost everyday together with the cats. I don't exactly know how to take care of cats because the only time that I had cat was when I was just a kid and that was it. So, when one time, Pearl seems like choking and having hard time to breath. I got scared because I didn't know what's happening to her. Later that day, I told my husband about it and he said that it was just hairball.

Now, since gift-giving season is almost here, I wanted to give Pearl a gift. And because I would never forget what happened to her with the hairball, I will give her Miracle Malt Hairball Remedy from Pet Essentials Depot that sells Pet Supplies For a Cause. A portion of the sales will be donated to animal and dog rescue shelters all across the United States to help save homeless and lost animals. So, whenever you buy anything for your pet, get it from them so that you can extend your help to those animal who are in need.

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