Oct 4, 2008

Movie Review: Pretty Woman

I guess everyone knew about the movie PRETTY WOMAN starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. It was one of the most talk-about movies on 1990 and somehow gave Julia Roberts a break and gave her the title "pretty woman" until now. She always is pretty for me. Have I mentioned before that she is my favorite?

Well, Pretty Woman is about Vivian Ward who is a prostitute down in Hollyword Blvd of Beverly Hills, CA who got lucky when she saw Edward Lewis who is having hard time with the Lotus car that he (I guess) rented and thinking that he was just finding someone to date. Vivian was enough though to help Edward find Wilshire Hotel and drove his car for 20 bucks. But then he asked her to stay with him in the hotel and keep him company for $3000 which she immediately accepted.Along the story, Vivian learned lots of things such as behaving properly in front of the table, walking, acting, and talking like a lady with the help of Barnard who happens to insult her first but befriended her and helped her out after hearing her story.

While being together, they somehow started to fell for each other but didn't realized it until their so-called contract ended and Vivian went back to her place. Before Edward went back home to New York, he went to Vivians apartment and fought his fear of heights and climbed up the stairs to Vivians unit which is the highest. Then Vivian's dream of a fairy tale came true.


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