Oct 2, 2008

Working on getting a new computer


This is impossible! Before, it is hard for me to update all of my 4 blogs, but now it is even HARDER because our laptop that I am depending on because it runs faster that the desktop has not been running properly since a few weeks ago. Plus I have a new blog dedicated to my son which I have lots of things to post there. Now it is really impossible for me to updates all my blogs.

This is blog is always my priority since this is the oldest one and it is finally ranked by Google a few days ago. It is even hard for me to do all the post that I needed on this site.

Now, I am working the whole sh*t out of me to be able to buy a new computer. I hope I can do it sooner because I really wanted to do the regular posting on my other blogs because my ultimate goal is to get them ranked and earn from them as well. I hardly can't do anything now but to do update this one single blog. I am really upset about the laptop but there is nothing else I can do for now but to work and work and earn money to buy the computer that I wanted to have.

It is alright for me to be a WAHM forever as long as I am blogging if everything would work out well for me.
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