Oct 10, 2008

Exchange Link with my other blogs

I had a couple more blogs that you may be interested with too. One is all about money making and the other one is about my life as a mother. If you have a blog similar to those two blogs, I would be glad to exchange links with you.

Banner exchange is very much welcome. Just send me your codes in the following email addresses:
Money Maker -- admin@moneyjona.info
Starts at Two -- admin@dionsmom.com

If you want to exchange links, please visit Money Maker if you have blog that is about money making or go to Starts at Two if you have a blog that is about your life as a mother or wife. Then just leave a comment to any of the post there or your can go to Contacts section of those blogs to leave me a message.

I hope to see you there and thanks in advance! :-)


Beauty of Life

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