Oct 18, 2008

What's keeping me busy?

Lots of things! Blogging, my son, earning money online, and thinking about the future.

Blogging -- I have at least 3 blogs that I am trying to update everyday. My son -- Oh..you know how toddlers are. They are very active and curious. So, if you are not always watching them, they tend to break everything in the house. And they need extra special attention too. Earning money online -- paid posts, taking surveys, writing reviews, etc. I am so glad that I have lots of resources for earning money online now, Thanks to all my friends who constantly share their ideas. Thinking about the future -- I always love to do that. Imagining our future and hoping that it is always better than what we have now. It should be something beautiful and something worth everything.

So, can you imagine how busy am I? I do those things everyday, as in every single day. But I don't get bored and I learn each time I do them.

1 comment:

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