Oct 20, 2008

Somtimes it's good to wait, sometimes it doesn't

Do you agree with that? Sometimes it's good to wait but sometimes it doesn't. I learned it for getting an opps everyday. Yeah, it may sound lame but usually, we starts learning from small or simple things and apply it on our overall experiences in life.

Just as what I was trying to say, sometimes its good to wait later to make a post for opps you get from PPP because sometimes, there are far more better opps later (great price that requires a few words which means smaller posts) or sometimes it doesn't.

Now, if we apply it in our own lives, sometimes it is good to wait patiently because as what they would always say, patience is a virtue, but sometimes waiting forever doesn't worth it all because you realized that there are far way better things that life has offered you but you only took it for granted because you always thought that best things comes if you wait for the right time. But the problem no one really knows when is the right time. So, it doesn't always work.

Well, I may not have done all the right decisions in life, but what's important is you are doing what you need to do and accept each failure and loses you have because life is just all about that. You stumble and fall, but each time it happens, you just need to stand up on your feet and move on.

Whew! It all started with opps from PPP and here is what I am typing now. Well, at least I know that I making sense here, ain't I?

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