Oct 27, 2008

My bestfriend is going to Bora

I received an email from my bestfriend today, sharing her joy and excitement because she is going to Boracay on March with her officemates. They availed the Cebu Pacific airlines promo of PHP2,700 2-way fare. Now, he only problem is her expenses for board and lodging and her her pocket money. But I don't see any problem about that because she still has 5 months to save money for that.

Anyway, we always plan on going to Boracay but just can't have the chance for the both of us to go there together especially now that I am here in US. But we still plan on going there once we go back to the Philippines for vacation. But that would be 3-4 years from now.

Well, I am so excited for my bestfriend because at last, she would be able to go to Boracay. Wear bikinis and have fun under the sun. Really exciting! hehe

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