Oct 28, 2008

One day at the park

Yesterday was my husband's off and he promise me last week that we will go to a park. We did go to a park. We went to Northeast Metropolitan Park which is located just around Pflugerville. It was a pretty big park with lots of things in it. They have baseball fields, tennis court, hiking trail, playground, basketball court, picnic place, and a lot more. Our son had so much in their playground. In fact, he doesn't want to leave. Then we went hiking, stopping in each station where we can also do some work-out. But the trail goes all around the whole park so we didn't end up finishing it. We cut short and went back to our car and headed home because Abi is starting to be miserable coz he's too tired.

But we really had fun there and hoping to get bicycle so that we can bike all through the trail.

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