Oct 9, 2008

All About My Hair

I know I have been talking a lot about my hair these past few days. It's just that it has been bothering me a lot now. I used to have to have it straightened before but I have heard from a friend that hair salons here doesn't straighten hair like how they do it in the Philippines. I don't want to waste some hundred bucks and end up with the same hair, so I guess I am really stuck with my wavy hair now.

I saw some girls who has wavy hair like mine but theirs looks nice. Mine is dry and frizzy. I read a few article about hairstyles last night and found out that my problem is I am not using the right hair products. So, now I will start getting rid of what I usually have and get the right type of products that I needed for my hair. But I wanna thank those helpful articles I found that talks about my hair problem. I don't care how much changes I need to do as long as I can fix these problem.

It may take me a while though but as soon as I get result, I will let you know. I like these idea though because it means that I need to do some shopping again. Of course, I love to shop! So, wish me luck!


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