Oct 8, 2008

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Michael Stuer!

CONGRATULATIONS to Richel and Michael!! They were just married last Monday, October 6, 2008. I am so happy for you! Finally, you are joined as one in the Hold Matrimony. I wish you a happy married life and continue to love each other much more than how you love each other now.

Richel Francisco, as what her maiden is, was my classmate in high school way back in the Philippines. We were not actually close friends but we are friends. We were still young that time and I hardly notice her or anyone because I am always preoccupied, not with studies but with other things which I don't remember what. hehe. But this is not about me so let's cut it off.

Since we graduated from high school, I never heard anything from Richel until while I was in the final process of getting my US Visa, I've heard from another high school friend that Richel is processing her US Visa too. Me and Richel then started talking about all the Visa matters. And I am very glad that I was one of those people who was able to share information and helped her in her visa processing. That's when I knew about her relationship with Michael.

I never personally talked to Michael but I know he is a good man and he loves Richel so much.

I am glad that somehow, with the Visa processing and all, Richel and I had become real good friends. We are closer now than what we were in high school.

I am so happy for these young couple that finally they are together now. Though life may be difficult for you, as what it is with most people, but continue to be strong and comfort each other in times of struggles and difficulties because nothing in life that you won't overcome if you are always together. Love each other, always and forever.


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  1. Thank you for the blog JO..
    touch nman ko oi..hehe
    you're right Jo, thanks for all the infos you
    shared while nagaprocess pa ko s akong visa.
    Again, thank you s blog ha. Mwah!!