Oct 1, 2008

Now and Then Photos

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This is my entry for PMC's Weekly Fest #16, Photo Post: Now and Then.

The picture for NOW was taken last July when me and my husband are having our honeymoon at San Antonio, TX. That picture was specifically taken during our boat tour at River Walk.

The picture for THEN was taken last 2003 when I was in Junior College together with my friends, Grace and Richelle. We were at an Internet cafe that time, either doing our project or just fooling around, but obviously we're having fun.

I changed a lot since that picture (THEN) was taken. Physically, I gained a lot of weight. I remember I was just around 90-94 lbs. then but now I am weighing 132 lbs. Just imagine that! hehe. Well, aside from I am married and have a son now, I think I am more responsible that what I am before. I used to be a happy-go-lucky person who doesn't much anything in the world but to have fun. But I have learned that life is not just all about fun because it wouldn't be life at all. Though lots had changed, I still love my life and loving it much more than how I loved it before.


Beauty of Life


  1. uy u have similarities with my classmate before heheheh... yeah we're changed now huh? more mature right!

  2. you're cute mommy Jona!

  3. Hey Mami Jona, I think your features haven't changed much! :) You're still pretty...even if you said you gained weight (where?)

    Check out my Now & Then entry HERE

  4. Ako rin I gained wisdom and weight;) Thanks for joining Mommy Jona!