Oct 3, 2008

Contented as a WAHM for now


I wish I have a choice, but I really don't. Well, it's not like I don't like being a working-at-home-mom, I really do. The only thing is, I am not really working, I am blogging. It is a good thing though because I am earning out from a hobby. It's just that I am not used to be just at home. Eversince I finish my studies, I immediately started working. My first job was a Cashier at NCCC Department Store for 7 months. Then I became a Call Center Agent at Link2support for 2 years before I got married and lived here in Texas.

The reason why I can't have a work yet is we are still waiting to apply for my Adjustment of Status here in US, from a non-immigrant (Fiancee) visa to a temporary US residency.

Being a WAHM is not that easy too but I am loving it though. My point is I wanted a real job. Something that I can earn enough to support my family needs. The money that I am earning with blogging is not that bad but sometimes you have it sometime you don't. But I guess earning a little bit of money than nothing is better, so I am contented with what I have for now. I hope that makes sense. *grin*

Beauty of Life

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