Oct 7, 2008

Tired of my hair

I am really pissed off with my hair now. I just don't know what to do with it anymore. I already tried a lot of products: shampoo and conditioner, hair creme, leave-on, etc. but still nothing seems to work. It is so dry, frizzy, and untamed.

I used to have it straightened in the parlor but after a couple of months it would curl up again and grow like a big wig. Then I used hair straightening iron, it would look good though but I need to do it after I take a shower. And it would take me an hour to straighten them all because it's so thick.

I wish I can just easily bald myself and would still be confident about it but I think I would only look crazy and abnormal if I do that. Now, I am planning to have it chopped off before the year would end but I don't know what to do with it. Should I cut it really short, like boy cut, or have it straighten again.

Any one of you has an idea or sensible advise about my hair? I'm just so sick and tired of it but I can't get rid of it. Such a big problem, don't you think? HELP!


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