May 7, 2008

My Step-by-step K1 Visa Interview

I had my Interview last May 6, 2008 and it was a relief being done with it because it means that I am really getting nearer to be in my Hon's arms again and this time, it would be FOREVER.

Now, I am posting the steps I had fr my Interview to hopefully help those who would go through this same process.

But I must THANK first my friends who helped me out with the process and gave me the information I needed. They are Gladys, Jean Marie, and Dexie, who also went to this process and they never failed to answer every single question I have.

I know that it was never easy to apply for a US Visa, but I hope that somehow, through this steps that I am posting here which is based on my own experience would help you all.


APPOINTMENT LETTER. Once you contacted the US Embassy Call Service Center to set for an Interview, they should send on your e-mail the appointment schedule you have set with them, then print it out.

PASSPORT. If you already had your medical exam, the St. Luke's should have your passport and they'd forward it together with your medical exam results to the US Embassy.

DS-156 NONIMMIGRANT VISA APPLICATION. Click here to download the form. Per applicant should complete two copies of this form.

DS-157 SUPPLEMENTAL NONIMMIGRANT VISA APPLICATION. Click here to download the form. Per applicant should complete two copies of this form. When you pay for the Visa in the bank, they would provide you a copy of this with a pink stamped on the back to indicate your payment.

DS-156K NONIMMIGRANT FIANCE(E) VISA APPLICATION. Click here to download the form. Only a K1 applicant is required to complete this form.

BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Your birth certificate should be a copy issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO) and printed on NSO security paper. If applicable, you should also submit NSO birth certificates for all your children, even for those who are not applying for a visa.

NBI CLEARANCE. Applicants aged 16 years and older must have a valid Record Clearance for Travel Abroad Purposes from the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). Clearances should be in the applicant’s current name, birth certificate name, maiden name and any aliases or nicknames used, including different spellings you have used of those names. For immigration purposes, an NBI clearance is valid for one (1) year from the date it was issued.

CENOMAR (CERTIFICATE OF NO MARRIAGE). This can be obtained from the NSO (National Statistcis Office).

I-134 AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT FORM. The petitioner should complete this form and have it notarized. It should go with most recent U.S. Federal income tax return (Form 1040) and wage statements (Form W-2). Employment letters stating salaries and bank statements may be included. You may download this form on this link: I-134.

PHOTOGRAPHS. I had about 20 pictures. Paste them in a bond paper as put captions for each picture. Be as creative as you can so that the consul would appreciate the presentability of it. Thanks to Jean Marie for this brilliant idea that she shared with me.

ITINERARY OF FLIGHTS. My fiance forwarded me his flight itineraries so that I was able to print them out from my e-mail. This would serve as the evidence that you met each other prior to the petition.

More evidences of relationship:


► I made sure that I have all the documents I needed for the Interview. I looked at the list of documents from this link to be sure that I didn't miss anything.
► Don't hesitate to bring extra documents such as evidence of relationships. It's better to have more than to have less, that is what I was thinking during my preparation.
► Pay for the document verification at least a month before the interview. I think this is one of the mistake I made because I was able to pay it 1 week before the Interview, that is why I think it would take awhile before I can have my Visa because the Embassy didn't receive the documents they requested for verification from the appropriate office yet.
► There may be some cases where the consul would ask there whereabouts of your petitioner. I had a photocopy of my petitioner's passport and a recent picture of him holding a newspaper with the headline.
► Medical examination is completed.
► Brought two black ballpens (hehe). But don't ever bring a cellphone or any electronic device. Lighter and cigarrettes are prohibited too.


1. Arrived at the embassy at 6:00 A.M. but they're still not accepting K1 applicants. They said wait until they call out Immigrant Visa applicants.
2. Called the IV applicants and fall in line.
3. Present one valid ID and appointment letter.
4. Proceed to Gate 2 then went to the IV room. The guard will tell you where to wait or sit down. Then someone said to prepare the DS-156, DS-156K, DS-157, Original NSO Birth Certificate, and Passport (if available).
5. Fall in line on the ticket window. Gave the documents being asked to prepare. Get my ticket number. Go back to seat.
6. Name called AT window 33 for finger scanning. Went to the said window then go back to seat after the finger scanning was done.
7. Number flashed on the board with the corresponding window where you need to go which is for pre-screening.
8. Pre-screener asked the Affidavit of Support form together with the Form 1040 and W2. She also asked for the pictures. Had a pre-interview (she would ask you regarding how did you meet your fiance and his financial status). Sign the forms and correct the mistakes. (This is where you needed the black ballpen. hehe)
9. Number flashed on the board again with the corresponding window where you need to go which is for the final Interview with the consul.
10. Went inside the room and sit down. Interview. Done after less than 5 minutes. Consul said that wait for my name to be called for the next step that I need to do.
11. Name called at window 37 and received a two sheets of paper.
12. Proceed to Delbros window. Fill up the form(s). Pay for the Visa delivery (PHP 250.00).


consul: good morning! (looking serious. it made me a little bit tense)
me: good morning! (smile)
consul: what's your name?
me: jonaver
consul: who petitioned you?
me: my fiance, Andrew Wayne Kuhn
consul: how did you meet?
me: through a website
consul: when did you first met online?
me: around february of 2007
consul: when did you meet in person?
me: september 12, 2007
consul: (looking at my son who is sitting in my lap) who is he?
me: my son
consul: how old is he?
me: 1 year and 7 months old
consul: where is his father?
me: i don't know
consul: (about to say something) OK. how old are you?
me: 24
consul: have you been married before?
me: no
consul: how old is your fiance?
me: 34
consul: when is his birthday?
me: december 20, 1973
consul: have he been previously married?
me: no
consul: does he had any child?
me: no
consul: is he living alone?
me: no
consul: who is he living with?
me: his sister
consul: will you live with him and his sister once you get to his place?
me: yes, temporarily
consul: where is your son's born?
me: cagayan de oro city, philippines
consul: what hospital?
me: (i almost forgot) northern mindanao medical center
consul: (sign on some documents) wait outside and your name will be called for the next step that you need to do.
me: ok. thank you! (grin)
consul: take care (smile .. at last!)

That's the whole process of my Interview. If you need to ask or clarify something, feel free to leave a comment and I will answer everything to the best that I can.


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  1. Hi, Sis..I have same concern as you, I was interviewed last Aug.22, 2008. But i paid the verification fee the same day of my interview, and i think its really a big mistake, I was advise to wait for 3-4 weeks, if all is being well, i can receive my visa then maybe..It's really frustrating because we waited so much, and then be keep in wander when will the visa arrived, i would like to hear from you, because i have lots of concern regarding the visa. thanks.

    Sincerely yours,

  2. Hi Jen.. Yes, it is a mistake to pay the doc verification later but it is not that bad. Don't worry.

    The normal doc verification process would take 2-6 weeks depending on your docs. If they find problem with it, it may take longer but usually no.

    For DV, they will just check your docs in NSO which is basically your Birth Certificate and marital status.

    Just leave your concerns here and will get back to you as soon as I can.


  3. Hello,I just wanna ask if what documents I have to prepare while I'm waiting for the next move? Coz,my fiance receive a mail from the embassy confirming that the visa is approved and we just wait for 30 days.coz they're goin to send the doc to the Philippine embassy...
    May I know whats the next step,after that??


  4. Hello, I just wanna ask some questions regarding my visa. What documents might I have need before the medical? And whats the next step after my fiance received an email from the embassy confirming that the visa is approved and have to wait for 30 days coz,they gonna send the doc to Philippine Embassy?

    Thanks...and more power...

  5. Hi Rhecyn,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    I assume that your petition is already approved, right? Then you should have all the documents you needed for the interview which mine are all listed in this post.

    If you only the things for medical exam, here is the list of docs that you needed:
    - Passport and one photocopy of it.
    - One 2x2 Picture in plain white background and another two 2x2 Picture upon releasing the result.
    - Appointment Letter and one photocopy per applicant.

    Normally, they send the approval letter to the US Embassy Manila and to your fiance at the same time. So it should be in the US Embassy 2 weeks after the petition was approved. So, 2 weeks after you received the Email (or the notice on the USCIS site) stating the approval, call the US Embassy and ask if they received the notice from USCIS already. If they did, you may set an Interview appointment, otherwise, wait until they receive it then make the appointment.

    Take note that you need to have your medical exam schedule at least a week before the Interview.

    I hope I was able to answer your question Rhecyn. If you have more questions, just leave a comment anytime. Good luck!

  6. Hello Jona,thank you so much for the info. So am I going to receive an email from the embassy? or my fiance is the one who gonna receive the mail?

    Am I the one who gonna set for the interview or the embassy?

    I'm really confuse coz everything is new to me and I dont know what to expect...
    Anyway,thank you so much,am so glad I found this site...

    God bless and have a nice day....

  7. Your fiance should receive a letter from National Visa Center stating the approval of the petition. You would be receiving a letter from the US Embassy but don't count on it 'cos in my case, it arrived too long that I even had my interview date before I received it and it is not necessary.

    After 2 weeks that petition has been approved, you call the US Embassy and ask if they already receive the notice from NVC. If they already have, then tell them that you want to set an appointment (interview) date. They will give you the available dates, then you'll just have to select from those whichever is more convenient to you.

    Don't worry Rhecyn. What you felt is really normal. That's what i felt too when I was still in the process. You will get through that soon. Good luck! ;-)

  8. Hello Jona,

    Here I am again. My fiance called the NVC and they gave the manila case number thru phone. What we gonna do next? Coz, when I called in Manila they said that I can set an appointment already. But the problem is I didnt have the next letter where the manila case number receipt is there.

    What I should do?
    Thank you always...

  9. Hello Rhecyn!

    Don't worry about the letter with the case number 'cos it's not that important but once you receive it though, you keep it 'cos you may need it for future use.

    For now, just set an appointment date. Then they'll send you a confirmation e-mail that you need to print out 'cos you need to show that to the security guard for the medical exam and interview.

    Make sure that you'd be able to finish your medical exam before the interview so leave at least a week in between. That's it! :-)

    Good luck gurl!


  10. Hello Jona thank you for the information. Am gonna ask again if what are the requirements for the medical exam. And can you give me some advice too? Thank you and more power to your site...

    Thank you always...

  11. Rhecyn,

    Check out my post about my medical exam here. It has all the requirements needed and the steps I went through.


  12. Thank you so much. Am gonna ask again,am a little bit confuse for payment,about the Delbros in Metrobank and the payment in it the same?

  13. hi! i just wanna ask about "Delbros", i made my payment in metrobank. i text to delbros just to inform the payment i made, they text back saying that they will send me a text confirmation after verifying my payment. . until now i'm still waiting for the reply..
    thank you..

  14. @ Anonymous,

    How long since you paid Delbros?

    Usually, it'd take them 2-3 days to verify, etc. But it's more than that, call them. You can get their contact infos from their website at

    Thanks for dropping by my site and Good luck! :-)


  15. hello Jona this is Bing,
    my first time here...i have only one question that made me worried too bcoz i dont know about this not until i found your site. Paying of documents early is diff of paying the visa processing amounting of $131.00? Bcoz if this is diff or same, il pay before my medical bcoz my interview is on March 2 and medical is on 10. And another question Jona, if i pay visa processing, do i need to give the original receipt to SLEC and how could i let the USEM knows about my paymenst so they will process my papers and print my visa and send to me asap if in case I passed the interview. Thank you and God Bless. Lastly, maganda ba sa US? :) Bing,

  16. Feb. 10 is medical :) bing,

  17. Hi, I've just finished my interview wd regards to my immigrant visa, however; I was not able to pay for my visa processing except that I was able to pay my visa delivery, because the men at window 37 instructed me to proceed at air21 to pay my visa delivery, so how will I be able to know if I still need to pay my visa processing? how was your visa processing done? I mean after you paid the air21, were they able to send you your visa, or you still paid it before receiving it?, thnkyou very much


  18. @BING

    I believe you meant payment for document verification when you said payment for DOCUMENTS, right? If so, yes, it is necessary that you pay that at least a month before ur interview so that u'll get ur visa on time. You need to pay that at Metrobank. U may check the US embassy website for the step-by-step processing of that.

    U dont need to give ur original receipt to anybody including SLECS. U keep that.

    Once u paid the Visa payment which is $131 USD, the band will put a pink/red stamp at the back of DS157 form which is one of the requirements u need submit at the embassy during ur interview.

    Lastly, it depends on the individual on how they see it but for me, I love it here. Truly, mas masarap ang buhay dito kesa Pinas. ;-)


  19. ERR:

    Once u paid the Visa payment which is $131 USD, the band (i mean bank) will put a pink/red stamp at the back of DS157 form which is one of the requirements u need submit at the embassy during ur interview.

  20. @CES

    The only payment u need to do regarding the visa processing are the following:
    - Visa payment $131 USD
    - Medical Exam at SLEC
    - Document Verification @ Metrobank for Delbros
    - Visa delivery

    So if u made all those payment then u dont need to worry anymore cos ur visa will arrive at ur doorstep as soon as it is ready. And when it is delivered to u, u dont need to pay anything else.

  21. Hello Jona,

    Here I am again! Am confuse where to pay the visa, coz my friend told me in BDO bank,but I read here at your site it paid in metrobank...

    And I have one more question,pls..
    If you've been in other country before just for vacation,do you still have to put it in a DS-157 no.9??it ask there "list all countries youve been there in the last ten years..
    Coz, i heard from somebody that you i dont need to answer it,coz its gonna be complicated...

    Please help me..Thank you so much...

  22. Hello Rhecyn!

    U'll pay the Visa payment at BDO, the one to be paid at Metrobank is the document verification w/c im not sure if it still exist now.

    U need to list the country that u visited for at least 6 months otherwise, i suggest not to mention it. U also need to provide police clearance from those countries that you listed on the form.

  23. Hello Jona,

    Thank you so much for answering my questions..

    May i ask what do you mean by "at least 6 months'?
    if I stayed 6 months in other country..
    coz in my case, I went out the country last year for only 10 days vacation. What should I have to put in DS 157?
    Its gonna show in my passport too,that I went out the country,right?Coz they stamped there...

    Please help me....
    I really dont know what to do...

    Thank you so much for being here...

  24. Hi Rhecyn,

    As what I understand, u dont need to worry about listing down the country u visited if u stayed there for less than 6 months but since u mentioned about having it in your passport, I'd say u put in ur DS157 then or else they'd question u why u didn't put it when it is showed in ur passport.

    I don't think they'd interrogate u about that. But I know for sure that if u've been to other country for 6 months or more, u need to get a police clearance from em.

    I hope I made it clear for u.

  25. hello JOnna??..

    HOw r u??.

    i have read ur interwview with the consular, that ur child was born here in cdo and i pressume that ur from cdo :-D.. what particular place u lived here??

    i am also a fiance visa applicant soon.. bf, has just prepared all the documents he need for petition..what if my bf is not financialy stable will they not going to approved the petition...he has work but only contructual..he come to visit me here in phils cdo 3x in a year if he has a big work in california and stays here for months..he dont have a house yet only lives with his father.. do u knew a case like this?? please response so that my doubts will go away..tnx!..

  26. jona,

    hello.. im charry. my interview is next week and while i was reading your blog, it made me think of alot of stuffs. What if we hired an attorney to fix all the papers and he send it to the embassy. My fiance got the approval of petetion and already had sched for my interview. I already had my medical examination at st. lukes.. its pretty expensive now.. Oh well, i was wondering if i already paid the visa payment. Will they inform u if not yet? I really dont have idea bout the process of this coz the attorney did it all.. And for the document verification, if im going to pay this week, how long do u think i have to wait for my visa?!

    i really need some clarification.. plz do help me jona.. thAnks!

    charry mae :)

  27. @Anonynomous from CDO

    I lived in CDO for 2 years before I got here and I gave birth to my son there too but I was actually from Davao.

    Regarding your Visa question, I think your BF can have a co-sponsor such as his parents or someone that has enough income to prove the US government that you won't be a public charge.

    I suggest that you sign up to and lot of people who went into the same process may give you a better answer.

    Thanks for dropping by my site. Good luck!


  28. @Charry Mae

    Thanks for dropping by my site.

    I suggest that you ask your attorney if they already paid your visa. I think it cost $131 and should be paid at BDO or BPI. The bank will stamp your form DS-157 once you paid the visa and you should use that form when you go to your Interview.

    Good luck!


  29. @Charry ... more

    I've read somewhere that they don't require payment for Delbros (document verification) now. I guess they already included for the visa payment. A lot has changed since I did mine :-P

  30. evewila@yahoo.com3/24/09, 8:22 AM

    i have read that u bring your son with you.. can i bring my month old son with me in states? his father is an American citizen and he wants to bring us there, we will applying for a k1 visa since we are not married concern is abput my son, he was born here in the Philippines and what citizenship does he has? and if he is a Filipino citizen how can he acquire an American citizen?.. and last, about the form G325A BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION.. what am i going to put with the question does not applicable to me and if i put N/A, will be it fine if i had a lot of N/A's answered like about 17 N/A's?? will they accept it or i just leave it blank? what about you, did your husband and u fill up that form? and what about that FILE NUMBER and Alien REGISTRATION, where ill get that? is it ok if i fill it up using comp??..please answer me jonna, mabuang na jud ko huna huna ani..dghan kaayo ko questions in mind..pleasse!!!

  31. Hi evewila,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Yes, u can definitely bring your son in the States. I knew someone who has son of a USC (her petitioner too) and they went her with K1(fiancee, you) and K2 (son)visas.

    If the question is not applicable to you, you should put N/A on it and it's okay if you have lots of N/A as long as you answered them right.

    Don't worry, what you felt is so normal but you can get through that and it's all worth it. Good luck!


  32. evewila@yahoo.com3/25/09, 7:37 AM

    hi jonna!

    thanks for respconding me!..

    evewila again here... i put NONE with the question not applicable to me, is that would be OK? coz i have read in as what iu tell me to sign up, they had their example of g325a filled up, they put NONE to the question if its not applicable to you.. so i put NONE

    i mailed all the documents needed of my fiance today such as g325A, letter of intend and im nervous 'coz i didn't have the chance to read your blog to see if u response and now im soo nervous what if what i answered they don't accept it...

    it really make me tense to the max!..

  33. Hi evewila,

    Dont worry, answering it NONE won't hurt your application. They would still accept it. Actually when I did mine, I didnt out answers in all questions. I just left some boxes blank but I wasnt questioned about them at all. So, dont worry, ok?

    Good luck! :-)



  35. Hello Luz!

    Yes, it's alright to fill up the form that way.

    Thanks for dropping by my site. Good luck!


  36. hi,

    tanx alot for the answer...but i was just alittle confused about it,,, the forms online such as DS-156, DS 157 AND DS 156K , JUST WANT TO MAKE SURE IF ITS OK TO FILL UP THEM BY HAND AFTER I PRINTED THEM OUT? OR I NEED TO FILL UP THOSE FORMS ONLINE AND THEN PRINT THEM OUT...PLEASE ANSWER ME,,,


  37. Hello again Luz!

    Yes, u needed DS156, DS156K, and DS157. You can fill it up online then print it out, it's more neat that way but u can also fill them up neatly using a blank ink pen by hand.

  38. hi,

    thank you again for answering my comments,,,
    gob less to your site...


  39. hello again,

    iam here again to ask another question,,,,, i want to know if the embassy will ask to see my fiance's divorce decree fomr me since he already submitted it befroe at USCIS when he filed my petition at u.s..

    tanx alot,

  40. evewila@yahoo.com3/27/09, 7:43 AM

    hi jon!.. happY weekend!..

    evewila again here...

    i just wanna ask about the documents/requirements for Applying k1 visa?? tnx aLOt!

    God BLess U and uR family!

  41. Luz,
    Yes, u need to bring the divorce decree during the interview. am not sure if they'll gonna ask for it, but i always suggest that u take any documents pertaining to your relationship, divorce decree is as good as the cenomar, so take it with u.
    Good luck!

  42. Hi Evewila,
    I'm not sure if it's exactly the same as what it was before. Maybe something has changed but you can see the documents I brought for the interview for K1 visa application on my post ABOVE<, under ♥MY DOCUMENTS♥.
    Good luck!

  43. hi jen.
    Im jenifer.Me and my fiance send all the necessary documents to the embASSY lats january 16,2009.I'm a bit confuse bcoz its my first time.They said they will email you but my email add is new now,i cant open my old many months you've waited for the appointment letter? I'm happy to see this website.. god bless you


  44. Dear Jona,

    I was wondering. how long did the whole process go? can u give me an approximate time since the time he filed the fiance visa until the approval time? and scheduled interview.. I know every case has a different time frame, but i just wanted some idea.

    I just filed for my fiance who is in chile, and your site is absolutely helpful. we have not gotten any approval as of yet, but i did ask him to get alot of papers ready so it wont waste time :)

    God bless !! and Your pics look lovely.. IM soo happy for u and your family


  45. hi jona,
    thanks for the info here in ur blog, it was really alot of help... ill be having my interview this may, hope it will be ok..

  46. hi jona,
    mine here i would like to ask something abt the form ds 156, coz i fill it up on line but then i had some errors. is it o to fill up another form on line but my fiance told me not to do it again instead i will bring pens on my interview and do the correction infront of the consul.. thanks alot

  47. Hello Mine!

    You can always download and edit another DS-156 and other forms online if you wanted to, it's not a problem. Though if there's a mistake found by the pre-screener during the Interview, they will let you scratch it out and correct it but for me presentation matters cos it'll make an impression.

  48. Hi Shalini. Mine took 7 months and 11 days from the day we submitted the petition to the day I received my visa. You can check my timeline at under Visa Processing.

  49. hi jona its me again mine.. do i have to pay for the Document Verification Fee before my interview im quite confuse since i have not read in the embassy's website about me paying it.. could u please explain it ro me.. i would truly appreciate if you do.. thanks in so many ways..


  50. i have may birth certificate and cenomar already .do i need to have may documents verified?

  51. Hello jona, it's me again can you give me and advice please, do i need to pay through BPI or metro bank even I did not receive yet my appointment letter. because me and my fiance we are still waiting the NOA2 please give me an advice I am a little confuse about the Delbros.

  52. hi jonaver this is carla,im really a clueless girl about fiancee visa,thats why i need a lot of help.Can u give me the basic steps on how to get a fiancee visa?and they said us embassy will question me and my fiance about the age 18 years old and he's that possible for us to be approved?

  53. @carla
    I started as clueless with the process too but don't worry coz u'll learn alot as you go through it. Basically,your fiance will apply for petition for you and once it's approved, it'll be forwarded to the US embassy in ur country [are u from Philippines?] then u can apply for a fiance visa.

    Every1 applied for visa will have an interview. I don't think ur age gap will be questioned as long as u have enough proof that you have a genuine relationship and not a fraud.


  54. hi,,,just want to ask kung how much yung medical exams sa st. lukes?

  55. hi Ms. Jona

    ask ko lng kc approved na petition namin last June 28, 2009. tumwag fiance ko sa NVC pero wla p daw dun papers namin. sa embassy b pwede din ako mgtanong kung andun na papers namin? what no. po pwede twagan?

    thanks much po


  56. HI JON,

  57. Hi there. Ill be having my interview at the end of Sept and Im just wondering what is the verification fee you guys are talking about? I didnt know about it and how much this cost usually? Plus you also mentioned that you have your son with you during the interview? Is he your fiance son? Coz ive got a 2 month old daughter from my Fiance and i intend to bring her along with me on my interview.
    Thanks and more power

  58. I dont think you need to pay for document verification nowadays, it was just during our time. So dont worry about it.

    My son isn't my USC fiance's son. Yes, you can bring your daughter to your interview.


  59. Thanks for answering my questions so soon esp regarding the verification fee. Im really nervous about my upcoming interview. My fiance and I cant wait to be together again and im scared that I'll get deny.
    You seems nice and I hope we can be friends esp I think Ill learn a lot from you since we both have USC fiance. Btw, my name is Chris. Is there another way I can contact you other than this? I dont have friendster acct. Thanks and Take Care.

  60. hi jona,
    i got my mail from the embassy september 3 stating that i am eligible for an interview. Will it still be okay if i call 2 or3 weeks later for my appointment since my fiancee are still preparing for documents needed...estimated time for a mail to be delivered is two weeks...

  61. It shouldn't be a problem... :-)

  62. Hi Jona,

    Is affidavit of support required during the interview? Im just wondering coz all Ive got are the W2 and ITR (tax papers) of my fiance.

  63. Yes, it is like a paper to prove that your fiance will support you financially and you won't be a burden to their country, so it is really VERY important.

  64. Hello there.
    Just want to ask like if ever you have already passed your visa interview, how long will you wait for them to send the visa? And is it true that it is required to attend a seminar for CFO?
    (Commission on Filipino Overseas)
    Thanks and heve a good day

  65. USE says it'll take between 4-6 weeks to receive your visa after being approved. I got mine in a little over 3 weeks.

    Yes, u need to attend the seminar coz u can't leave the country without the certificate and CFO stamp on your passport.

  66. hi Ms. Jona,
    i'll be having my interview next week 25th of sept and i am little nervous. I would like to ask what is document verification? I am little worry on that. Is it necessary to have the letter of intent as an evidence fiance haven't send me that. Would like to hear advices from you. thanks

  67. Hi Sugar, Ill be having my interview too on the 25th. Hope to see you there.
    So sorry Jona for using your page to acknowledge Sugar. I guess i can relate to her coz im a lil bit nervous too on my interview. :)

  68. hi jona,thanks to your blog,i can get some tips from here,anyway my fiance and i were trying to file for the fiance visa but we dont know where and what kind of papers my fiance need to file.hope you can help us,thanks and more power

  69. hi jona,its me again,is that correct that my fiance will file the form said petition for alien fiance?what are the forms that i need to print and sign,please help us.thank you....more power to your blog.

  70. Hi Jandy, for infos on how to apply, just visit the Manila US Embassy website. Here is the link Good luck!

  71. hi jona i recieved letter from embassy and im eligible for interview..i read here verification of documents fees not needed..i would like to know if the step for this is omitted and no need to have verification ahead of time before the medical and interview..please enlighten me for the changes

    and pls bare with me about this police said whoever stayed 6 months in other country need to get police about working visa just normally expired not cancelled by the employer..its more than 6 months now..
    do u have any idea with this?

    i knew this is complicated but i just need some opinion or answers...

    your helping many people here and your website very informative

    thnaks..god bless

  72. hi how are u i was wondering how much did ur fiance pay for the whle process

  73. hi jona i was confused about d document verification is that required to pay it b4 we go for interview?Or its ok to pay it after my interview?Thankz a lot.godbless!

  74. hi jona im lucy i have question about ur son is the father of ur son is a filipino?Is there some question about d father of ur son?and wat kind of visa u apply for ur son?i also have a son he is 7 yrs old is there any form to fill up with him?thanxs hope u can reply my question.Godbless.

  75. hi te jona,good day.i received a letter frm embassy november 12,2009 w/c is my case number written.ask ko lang po kung anoh po next step dapat kung gawin.kailangan ko po bang tawagan st.lukes to ask an appointment for medical exam or embassy n po ttawag s st.lukes.hindi p po kc ako nkatanggap uli ng letter galing embassy.thanks a lot te jona,GOD BLESS U more.(shiella mae)

  76. Hi Jona, I'm Sherlyn from cebu. I ask a few question to you regarding I-134 who will filled that and I went to BBK Thailand 2 times but just only a few days I was only a tourist. Do I need that to put in the DS form OR what? I hope you can answer me this few question. I would appreciate if you have a time to answer my question.

    Take care,

  77. Hello,

    I would like to know if is there any other option to show as an evidence with my fiancee (aside from showing our picture together) that we've been in a relationship for years? just curious if they'll approve other evidences except showing our picture together.


  78. Hi jonna, my name is sey, i just wanted to ask some question about the DS-156k form, do i need to put my son name in box no.5 even i said i am single but in my medical exam i said i already have a baby,(coz the doctor said if u have a baby already just say so, so that ur medical will doesnt get any problem-- something like that) is it complicated to put the baby name or i just put NONE on that box?...hope to hear from u about this interview will be on the first week of feb. and i am confused about what u said about the document verification,,what is that mean?..i already pay on the blank of $131 and pay the medical for $200+, now i am thinking of the document verification my fiance doesnt tell me about that..pls. help me jonna--tnx much..

  79. hi SEY ,im one of the anonymous who visited this site and i saw some questions unanswered..if ur petitioner is american ...and you wanted to take your kid with you..try to disclose about your kid..its your advantage if your petitioner knew about more about the blogs..but i think im late for opinion u have already scheduled for interview..

    theres no verification payment as far as i knew because NSO have its computerized issuance of security paper...

    good luck...

  80. is Document verification required to every K1 applicant?

  81. i think any applicant to the u.s undergo document verification...thats why NSO issue a security paper,all the documents are computer generated which is checked during not sure if they have scanner for original or theres on it code....unlike before it takes a while to got this document verification thru agency
    hope am right

    hope jona will be around to answer

  82. Jona,

    I noticed you related that you paid the document verification fee to Delbros. I thought it was paid at BDO when you take your DS-156, 156k and 157 and pay the VISA fees. Is this not so. Right now I filed my I-129F Petition and on MArc 22, 2010 it was sent tot the US Embassy Manila. I received the NOA2 prior to that. So I guess my timeline could be less than yours right, since we have not factored in postponing and interview becasue my fiancee does not have any children. Let me know what you think. I was hoping to fly to the interview around the ladt part of May but that means my timeline would be less than 5 months. Ingat.

    Richard and Analie

  83. nicarodriguez0303@yahoo.com4/16/10, 5:30 AM

    hi.. im about to have my embassy interview next week... is it really true that after the interview, once approved, it takes 2-3weeks before you receive your visa? has there ever been a case that it takes less than that, like a week maybe? thank you so much for this blog.. very very helpful...

  84. Hi, Just wanna ask , how many e-mails and chat logs you printed out and brought to the consul ?? Thanks

  85. hi jona, im mel and im currently in the phil since my fiance received his approval letter. just wanted to know what did u put on the nonsupplemental visa app., theres a question if he will work in the u.s. and how long does he plan to stay, i dont know what to put if i should say hes going to work or not, pls reply asap. thanks

  86. Hello my name is Grace from Manila, i just want to know what are my chances in passing the interview, my fiancee met just once, but sadly, his camera was robed and we end up having no picture together.. we only realize this recently. and papers has been processed, were on the acceptance stage now.. can anyone elighten me regading this?

  87. hello Jona,

    Hope you answer my question above


  88. Hi jona, i just wanna ask, if it okey to call the USEM even without the NVC letter? we had immigration lawyer from california and member of AILA, we been approved by USCIS 1 week before our 5th month and until now no NVC letter yet but the lawyer send all the documents to my fiancee like affidavit of support etc, and my fiancee received the package already from lawyer and the lawyer send our documents at embassy manila thru military thing so that it can fast processing. how many days or weeks do u received the NVC letter after approval?

  89. Im gonna ask u again, what do i need to pay for BPI? some VJ members is telling payment thru BPI and they didnt put it what is all about. is that interview fee? im new here and i dont know what to do..pls reply, thanks

  90. hi i just wanna ask something if nowadays do i still need the verification fee?thank you and godbless..i hope i can pass also my interview..