May 11, 2008

My son's Mother's Day present for me

This is kinda scripted because my son doesn't know any better yet. I know my Mom gave him a rose and asked him to give it to me and say "Happy Mother's Day", even so, it still meant something and I wanna brag about it, that my 1-year-old son gave something to me on Mom's day. At least, when he's at the age where he knows what Mother's day is, he'd know that once when he was a year old, he gave me something on Mom's day and hopefully would continue to be like that as he grows old. Because it means so much for any mother to be greeted by their child(ren) on Mom's day (right, Moms?). What more if he'll include it with some (doesn't need to be expensive) presents.

So, here's my son giving me the white rose that he was asked(by my Mom) to give me:

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