May 7, 2008

Souvenir from a stranger

We were on our way to Manila in a Cebu Pacific plane. As usual, there was a game which is to give the thing that the stewardess would ask, this time their price is a balloon giraffe. Again, we didn't got lucky so we didn't end up getting a souvenir, unless we buy from them which the cheapest price is PHP 190. But I never bothered to get one.

I never realized that Dion (my son) was trying to entertain everyone on the plane. We were sitting on the 2nd row from the front and Dion is standing at my back facing everyone. Inside the plane, he thinks that everyone is looking at him and talking to him so he's so noisy and laughing so hard. I didn't know that a guy in front of us was amused of my son. I know he was talking to the stewardess after the game but I don't what it was about. I just thought that he was trying to fool around with her since the guy is still good-looking in his (I think) 40's. But my Mom heard that he was asking the stewardess if he can buy one of those giraffes because he wants to give it to someone. But it was not for sale. So, the guy just bought the teddy bear with a scarf that has Cebu Pacific logo. And I was surprised that he handed it to Dion.

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