May 14, 2008

Choosing friends

It is really hard to know who your true friends are. It's kinda tricky and risk-taking. But once you have the real ones, it's all worth it. What's hard about it is having someone who can be really good and seem-to-be-true to you but once she's on your back, you can expect anything she can say about you and about your life.

There are really people who are good pretenders and VERY MEAN. There's nothing wrong about being mean but back-biting your own friends who consider you as their true friend can be more than being MEAN, it's EVIL.

Let us just say that maybe those friends of yours have betrayed you before that's why you can't stay good to them. Well, that would make sense. But would you stay that way until you die even if your friends who did bad things to you had moved on? Well, whose problem would that be? I guess not your friends', right?

Well, lots of friends may come and go and the ones who stay are the true ones. If you have been betrayed by some friends who you considered true before, maybe because you're not being good and true to them. You may think you have but for them you didn't. If it is only one friend, then maybe the problem is with your friend but if you have lots of friends who did that to you, you may start assessing yourself.


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