May 1, 2008

Manuelito a.k.a Jun-jun joined blogging

I wanna welcome Jun-jun in the world of blogging...

Jun-jun is a member of SSDP, my group of friends in college. Glad to know that until now we're still friends and still keeping in touch. He got interested in blogging after reading some on my posts, Jean's blog, and some other interesting blogs that he went to. He got interested about the Vicente Sotto Memorial Hospital Scandal through another blogger named Brian, so one of his firsts posts is about the said controversy.

He just signed up at Blogger today and starts posting in his blog. To everyone who knows Jun-jun or interested to know about him, you can check him out through his blog entitled "it's all about me".

To Jun-jun:
Good luck Yotch ug padayon sa pag-uswag!

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