May 22, 2008

Making the Second Template for my other blog, CREATIONS

Now that I already have my second template for my other blog Creations, I would like to share to everyone how was I able to come up with that template. I put all the steps I did in making that template of my Creations . Well, it may be not be the best template there is but I hope the steps would be of help to anyone who would like to personalized their blog templates. Click here to see the steps.

That template is only for NEW BLOGGER. I have never tried messing around with the XML Editor of WordPress or BraveJournal. I have accounts there too but I am still trying to explore them since I am used to BLOGGER.

My second template is really a personalized one because as what you've seen there that I put the pictures of my loved ones and to tell the world how complete I am because of them. So, if you want what I want then you may like the steps that I made just for you. If you have questions or any suggestions, don't hesitate to leave me a message and I would do my best to help you with it.

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