May 19, 2008

Basics for Creating a Digital Scrapbook using Photoshop

Well, I am not that good with this but since I am overwhelmed with this new hobby that I found, I would like to share what I know in doing this stuff. These are some basic things in doing a digital scrapbook using Photoshop. First, you need to download and install an Adobe Photoshop software. If you're hesitant because you haven't tried using it yet, you may check on some Photoshop Tutorials.

If you have the Photoshop software on your computer, you need to get the materials. Of course, you need to have the photo that you want to put on your scrapbooking. Then the paper(s) and other designs that you wanted to add on your scrapbook. It is always for free but Free Digital Scrapbooking website have freebies for all the starters and you may use it while starting to learn about DigiScrap. Free Digital Scrapbooking website Video Tutorial to where it would show you how to make a digital scrapbook using Photoshop.

It's really not that complicated.You should start on creating a simple scrapbook like this one. I got that from Google Images. I like it because it's very simple but cute. Well, I think all you need to think about in making a scrapbook is to make cute, right? Digital Scrapbooking can be as easy as how you manually make a scrapbook only that with DigiScrap, no meas at all for cutting papers and all other materials.

So, this is all I can share for now and hopefully would be able to come up more tips for digital scrapbooking. :-)


  1. I have the PS software maybe I should try this...if I can squeeze this in my crazy schedule. :-)


    The Shutterbug

  2. Hey there :) first of all, I found your blog when I checked your profile in StumbleUpon. (I have this habit of checking the people who previously checked my profile..)

    Anyway, I only started getting interested in digital scrapbooking this summer... and thanks to you, I found a good site for me to get my scrapbook stuff from. =)