May 24, 2008

Pinay Mommies Community has Evolved to Something Better

PMC is an online community made by Mommy Ruby for mommies, wives, single moms, and expectant moms.

I have been a member of PMC since I started blogging and I like the idea that you get to know some Filipina Mommies involved in blogging who lives almost all around the world. But now PMC had become better: a new page, more members, great banners and badges and MORE.

Joining PMC is very easy and it's FREE. You just need to meet the following requirements:

1. You are a Pinay. (1 whole, 1 half, 1 forth, it doesn't matter basta may dugong Pinoy!)
2. You are a mom (not necessarily married), a wife (not necessarily a mom) or on the way to become one .
3. You have a personal blog(s) of your own (either free or not, monetized or not)
4. You need to link with us by using any of our badges, blinkies, or chicklet. Please click on the “LINK WITH US” button to get one.
5. Of course, after linking with us. Please submit your blog(s) to us by pressing “SUBMIT YOUR BLOG” button

So, if you think you can meet the requirements stated above, then you can join us at PMC.

1 comment:

  1. wow mommy ang ganda naman ng write-up mo. salamat talaga for this.

    thanks also for the support. hope you will be there as often and participate at our weekly fest and also more games and prizes in the future!!

    thanks again!!