May 31, 2008

First and Last

This is my second tag for the day and this time, Genny tagged me. This is good because I can't think of anything to write about today :-D


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First real job: Department Store Cashier
First screen name: Raven
First funeral: my brother
First pet: dog
First piercing: I think when I was still a baby (need to ask my Mom about this because I'm not sure)
First tattoo: never
First credit card: Metrobank Visa
First kiss: 18 years old with my 1st boyfriend
First enemy: a 6th grader and i was a 4th grader that time (can't remember why we fought though)


Last car ride: earlier
Last kiss: fiance (8 months ago ::sad::)

Now, I am tagging Tess, sweetposh, sweetiepie, sweet angel, Janet, Ruby, Richel, Resebel, Prily, and Poray.

Please leave a message here once you're done posting this tag in your site. Thanks! :-)


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  1. made the tag,my friend.cheers!