May 3, 2008

Runaway groom

I am watching Jessica Soho Report right now and one of her featured stories right now is about the RUNAWAY GROOM in Cebu City, Philippines.

The groom was Ryan Sesante and the bride was Lilibeth Gaviola. Their scheduled wedding was last December 22, 2007. The groom arrived at the wedding 30 minutes late with his eyes wet from crying and looking sad, then his mother put on his Barong Tagalog the moment he arrived. The priest then started the ceremony, but when it came to the part where the priest asked the groom if he's willing to take Lilibeth as his lawfully wedded wife, a girl came inside the church and shouted to stop the wedding. After calling the groom's name twice, the groom walked fast towards the girl and they run out from the Church.

Last February 14, Lilibeth sued Ryan for moral damages but she dropped the case last March 17 because she said that she had already forgiven Ryan.


  1. I miss this case.hehehehe!But anyway, the bride already realizes that the groom didn't really love him that much!Thanks for sharing it here.Well-done!

  2. A friend of mine knows this couple. Haven't heard this on the news, though, but still, it's a pretty interesting thing.

    but i do know that despite being forgiven, the "runaway groom" still has to pay for the expenses the bride incurred for the wedding. :)