May 13, 2008

No tail lizard

While facing the computer, a lizard on the wall at the back of the computer caught my attention, because it has no tail. I took a picture of it and here it is:

Then, I did a little research from Google and this is what I found:

Lizard Tails

Many lizards, including the Green Anole, Brown Anole, Southeastern Five-lined Skink. and Indo-pacific Gecko, can cast off their tails at will when threatened or molested. The tail "piece" continues to wiggle (twitch), attracting the attention of prey such as birds or cats, while the lizard flees to safety. This is possible because of a single natural weak point in the vertebrae of the tail and a muscle arrangement at that point designed for separation. The lizard can regenerate a new tail, but it is cartilage and has no bones. It grows back slowly and frequently "stubby" lizards are observed. The new tail does not get the stripes, colors or other markings of the original and usually appears dark grayish. This new tail can be dropped off repeatedly. Skinks and geckos are especially quick to discard their tails.
[Source: Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary's: Common Lizards]

Well, this is a new knowledge for me. Before I found this information, I have thought how poor the lizard for losing his tail but now I know that it wasn't that bad, it can still have it's tail again.

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