May 26, 2008

Changing my site's background again

Here I am again, I guess you've notice that I already develop this bad habit of changing my background from time to time. ehehehe. Well, that is because I love playing around with it but sooner, I will have a background that I would really use permanently (about 10 years from now? lol).

Anyway, this time, I just want to play around with the new brushes that I have in my Photoshop and these brushes are the ones I used on creating my Floral Vector background. Again, I got these wonderful brushes as a freebie from Brusheezy, Hawksmont Universe, and Deviantart. As what I have commented on them, "I can't imagine a Photoshop if without their wonderful brushes". Yes, that is true because they really have huge collection of wonderful brushes and they're giving it away. That's how generous they are and I wanna thank them for that.

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