May 26, 2008

Tribute to the Dads

My Papang is the best father for me, not because that he is my father but because he never failed to be a good father to me. He worked hard to give me the things I needed and I realized the efforts that he did for our family. He may not be the best man in the world because he has failures too but he is always the best father. If not with him, I will never be who I am now. I am so proud of him for being strong despite of all the hard things we had in life. I know it was never easy for him and I even saw him starting to give up but he didn't and continue to stand up and fight for us.

My fiance has always been a good dad to my son. Obviously, he's not the biological father of Dion but he's Dion's real father still. He treated and accepted my son as his own without any second thoughts and I wanna thank him for that. Dion had always known him as his real father though.

To this two FATHERS in my life, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and you two will always be the BEST FATHER IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD.

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Thanks to Jona for this wonderful tag. Now, I'm passing this on to Poray, Blog Gurl, Felicity, Princess, and Jenn.


  1. Thanks for joining Jona! Added you na >

  2. thanks for this jon. im gonna grab it but ill post it later.

  3. thanks for this tag sis. i need more time for this one since my dad passed away almost 2 years now. ngita pa ko sa iya pic sa ako inbox kung naa, hehehe. i'll let u know kung mana ko buhat.

  4. Hopping from the main list! did mine here; as Me and Mine

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